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Chilean explorer's work showcases grave impact of climate change

Aug 10, 2020 03:41 IST

A Chilean photographer and explorer, Cristian Donoso is depicting the impact of climate change, through a series of images taken over the last 2 decades, during his excursions in Patagonia, Antarctica and the Arctic. 

To minimise the impact of his travel on the environment, he makes use of wind and other human-powered forms of travel like sailboats and skis. 

In January this year, he undertook an excursion named “Forgotten Footsteps," in the footsteps of the 20th century explorer and artist Rockwell Kent in Patagonia. Donoso’s images draw a sharp contrast with the paintings made by Kent years ago, depicting the huge loss of ice and altered peaks due to climate change. 

His series "Ice Postcards" took him to some of Patagonia's least accessible places, in 2018, where he recreated the images taken by an Italian explorer over a century ago. 

Donoso aims to build awareness about the impact of global warming through his work.