How Covid-19 cases spiked in West Bengal, TN, Assam, Kerala & Puducherry during polls | Editorji
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How Covid cases spiked in poll bound states. Here's a look

Apr 16, 2021 08:59 IST | By Editorji News Desk

As the country grapples with a massive Covid surge, the number of virus infections saw a huge spike in poll bound 4 states and 1 union territory during the period of political campaign over the last one month.

Data shows a dramatic rise in Covid infections as mass rallies were held with little regards to guidelines.

Sample this:

1. West Bengal, which still has four phases of polling to go, had registered only 200 new cases on March 1. Cut to April 13, the daily number of infections rose to over 3,700.

2. Similarly in Tamil Nadu, which went to polls on April 6, there were only 470 new cases on March 1. The number shot up to over 5,700 on April 13.

3. Kerala, which also voted on April 6, had reported close to 3,500 cases on March 1. The state's daily count shot up to over 5,600 by April 13.

4. Same with Assam. The state had 23 new Covid cases on March, the daily count rose to 378 on April 13.

5. The union territory of Puducherry reported just 19 new cases on March. Cut to April 13 and there were 313 new Covid cases...

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