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64% turn up to take Covid vaccine in first 2 days: report

Jan 18, 2021 09:53 IST

Around 64% of over 3 lakh planned beneficiaries were vaccinated on the first two days of the immunisation drive against Covid-19 that was rolled out on Saturday, The Times of India has reported quoting the govt data compiled till Sunday evening. The report added that 4 states — Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Tripura and Puducherry — recorded low turnout of beneficiaries in the range of 22-34%. Other states reported more than 50% attendance of those who were scheduled for vaccination on January 16 and 17. Assam, Delhi and J&K reported 54% footfall. Experts said the numbers will pick up gradually as is common with any public health programme, especially of the scale of the anti-Covid vaccinations. “India has registered the highest day one vaccination number in the world — higher than the US, UK and France on day one,” additional health secretary Manohar Agnani said.