Gaza Strip? Know about it amid Israel-Hamas war

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Oct 09, 2023

What is it?

Gaza is a small strip of land that is between Israel, Egypt and the Mediterranean. It is a part of the two Palestinian territories.

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Who controls the Gaza Strip?

The Gaza is governed by the Palestinian Authority. Ismail Haniyeh took control of this area in 2006 after he won the elections.

Is there blockade by Israel on the Gaza Strip?

In 2007, Israel went on a sea, land and air blockade on Gaza. Israel said that they did it because it is important to protect Israeli citizens.

How Gaza Strip get its supplies?

This area is majorly dependent on international aid. Other than this, Gaza also faces severe power outages and water scarcity.

What is the difference between the Gaza Strip and the Western Bank?

Gaza Strip and Israeli-occupied Western Bank are Palestinian territories. The West Bank is much larger and more populated than the Gaza.

What is Hamas?