Israel-Hamas war: what is being done to protect civilians?

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Oct 09, 2023

Shelter given to people in schools

According to the U.N. Agency for Palestinian Refugees, more than 74,000 people in the Gaza Strip have taken shelter in schools.

The number of displaced people increased recently

Owing to the recent conflict, the number of displaced people has been increased by more than 5,000.

What did UNRWA say about it?

UNRWA said that schools and other civilian infrastructure, including those sheltering displaced families, must never come under attack.

Was any school directly hit during the ongoing conflict?

As per the agency, during the ongoing conflict, one of the schools was directly hit and suffered major damage. Notably, there were no casualties.

Ongoing attacks displaced people

UN humanitarian relief agency said that due to the ongoing attacks, more than 123,538 Palestinians in Gaza have been displaced.

What is Hamas?