Iran blasts: Who was Qassem Soleimani?

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Jan 03, 2024

Humble beginnings

Soleimani was born in 1957 in Kerman province to a peasant family. Before joining Iranian Revolutionary Guards, he worked as a construction worker.

The man who established Iran's influence

Soleimani played a significant role in the Iranian military and was considered the key architect of Iran’s Middle Eastern foreign and security policy.

Commander of Quds Force

He took command in 1998 & helped Iran reshape Middle East. He served as power broker, military force, and director of network of militant groups.

Iran's ‘axis of resistance’

He is credited for forming ‘Axis of Resistance’, which increased Iran's influence across Iraq, Syria, Lebanon & along east coast of Mediterranean sea.

Modus Operandi

To achieve Iran’s foreign policy goals, Soleimani helped Shiite powers, non-state actors to challenge regional hegemony of Sunni powers led by Saudi.

His influence

From overseeing military efforts against Taliban in 90s to helping Hezbollah in 2006 war, he played pivotal role in Iraq after Saddam Hussein ouster.

US backed him!

US which killed him in 2020 backed him in '14. Soleimani's militias ousted Islamic State & U.S. provided air cover to his militias fighting in Iraq.

Syrian Civil War

Soleimani who is known to have led Iran’s direct, indirect military effort in Syria is majorly credited for strategising Bashar al-Assad's victory.