Indian Science Congress: a chronicle of controversy

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Jan 03, 2024

Why is Indian Science Congress Association in news?

ISCA, India's largest gathering of scientists & science students, has been postponed for 1st time. It mostly takes place on Jan 3, every year.

Has it ever been cancelled/postponed before?

Except for the 2 pandemic years (2021, 2022), ISCA has been held every year since 1914 with 108th edition held in Nagpur from Jan 3-7, 2023.

What is the big deal about ISCA?

The event that unites scientists, researchers, educators, has traditionally been seen as the PM's first public engagement of the new year.

Why is ISCA postponed in 2024?

Accused of bungling, ISCA has court-feud with Department of Science, which stopped funds to the science body after it changed the venue for this year.

ISCA on decline

Controversies & pseudoscience promotion in past years have marred it. Scientific bodies & renowned scientists advocate for discontinuing event.

How is government related?

While govt has limited role in functioning, ISC's funds come form govt. Issues in PM-inaugurated event portray India unfavorably on intl stage.

How has government dealt with the issue?

The government has long considered reviewing its association with the Science Congress due to issues, dating back to 2008.

Will the ISCA happen this year?

ISCA officials said, 'We will hopefully be able to organise the event before March 31 & we are hopeful that PM will attend the event'.