Top 5 Pro tips for stunning mobile night photos

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Oct 26, 2023

Taking good low light shots is hard

This is due to small camera sensors and limited light intake, requiring high ISO or longer exposures for better results.

Use Pro Mode

For better night photos, manually adjust exposure settings in your phone's pro or manual mode. Use a slow shutter speed and wider aperture.

Image Credit: Google

Get a tripod

Stabilise your phone with a strong tripod for sharp night photos, as even half a second of movement can blur images.

Find a light source

Seek out light sources at night like street lamps, well-lit buildings, or bright shop windows to naturally illuminate scenes.

Work with flash wisely

For better night photos, use your phone's flash for foreground subjects or artistic effects.

Edit your photos

Editing is key in phone night photography. Shoot in RAW if possible for better control.

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