Top 10 most expensive phones of 2023: Luxury meets tech!

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Oct 26, 2023

Caviar Snowflake (₹4.7 crore)

Based on iPhone 15 Pro Max, it features 18K white gold body with 570 diamonds and a centerpiece of platinum, white gold, and diamonds.

Caviar Daytona (₹1.57 crore)

This iPhone 15 Pro Max has an 18K Yellow Gold Rolex Daytona, 40mm dial, and 24K gold-plated speedometer indicators.

Caviar Time Machine (₹87 lakh)

Crafted with 24K Gold, this unique item incorporates fragments from a meteorite, T-Rex and Megalodon teeth, ancient relics, and an iPhone 2G.

Caviar Parade Of the Planets (Rs 76 lakh)

Featuring meteorite engravings, a tourbillon watch, hourglass, and an Einstein quote, this rare iPhone 15 Pro Max mirrors our solar system.

Caviar Falcon Gold (₹66 lakh)

Falcon Gold combines 18K gold, black titanium, a black diamond encircled by 20 white diamonds, evoking Dubai's spirit and architecture.

Caviar Majesty 18K (₹63.94 lakh)

This iPhone 15 Pro Max has black titanium sides, 18K gold back with 107 diamonds and Eastern-inspired art.

Caviar Pure Gold (₹61.92 lakh)

This S23 Ultra has an 18K gold back, Corinthian pattern, 8 diamonds in floral design, V-shaped and side plates with precious stones.

Caviar Solid Gold Unique (₹60 lakh)

Crafted from 18K gold with 55 diamonds, this iPhone 15 Pro Max features Baroque-style engravings and a black side frame, topped with Caviar branding.

Caviar Palmette (₹57.52 lakh)

This iPhone 15 Pro Max features a palm leaf pattern with an Apple logo in 18K gold and 39 diamonds, surrounded by 154 more diamonds.

Caviar Jobs 4 Full Gold (₹49.87 lakh)

Caviar Jobs 4 Full Gold, made with 18K gold, features Steve Jobs' signature and the iconic "Think Different" slogan, honoring Apple's late CEO.

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