Weight Loss: 5 Breakfast combos which can be helpful

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Jan 17, 2024

Why to eat breakfast

Starting your day with a nutritious breakfast can be a key component of a healthy weight loss journey. Here are the best combos you can opt for.

Poha and Curd

Curd is rich in protein and various nutrients that help in keeping you full for longer. Poha is rich in fibre and protein and a wholesome breakfast.

Oats and fruits

Oats is high in fibre and carbs providing energy for the whole day. Pairing it with fruits is a healthy breakfast option that aids in weight loss.

Rawa Idli with sambhar/coconut chutney

Instead of rice, go for low calorie rawa or sooji idli. Have it with sambhar which is full of veggies and less in calories and keeps you satiated.

Multigrain bread toast with egg whites

This is again a great combo to eat in breakfast. Power packed with lean protein egg whites help in gaining muscles and lose fat.

Quinoa upma with veggies

Swap your regular upma with this one. A gluten free option which is great for weight loss and a healthy start to a day.