7 mouthwatering desserts from Kerala you must try this Onam

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Aug 28, 2023

Ada Pradhaman

This is a traditional dessert made from rice flakes with gud or jaggery and coconut milk

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If you love desserts which are less sweet, you must try this one. With the essence of jaggery and ripe banana this one is a must try

Elaneer Payasam

This payasam is prepared by using tender coconut, milk and lots of dry fruits

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Also commonly known as Rose cake, it is a crispy deep-fried savoury prepared with maida, milk and jaggery

Semiya Payasam

The name itself is quite familiar and so is the dessert. This vermicelli kheer is an Onam staple and is prepared with milk, dry fruits and nuts

Parippu Payasam

The Southern counterpart of moong dal halwa, parippu payasam is prepared with lentils and nuts


These fragile rice dumplings are filled with coconut and jaggery fillings and are typically served during Onam feasts

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