10 days of Onam: Atham to Thiruvonam

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Aug 23, 2023


The festivities begin with Atham. People decorate their homes with vibrant rangoli designs, especially using yellow flowers.


On Chithira, the focus is on cleanliness. Homes are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the upcoming celebrations.


This day is associated with shopping and exchanging gifts with family and friends. It adds a joyous touch to the festival.


Vishakam marks the initiation of the Onam Sadhya preparation, the grand traditional feast that showcases an array of delicious dishes.


The highlight of Anizham is the Vallamkali boat race, a thrilling event where elaborately decorated snake boats compete on the waters.


Schools close on Thriketta, allowing families to fully engage in the festive preparations and create a vibrant atmosphere.


Moolam sees the commencement of Onam Sadhya and various cultural performances that captivate audiences across the state.


Devotees craft clay idols, placing them on the Pookalam, contributing to the visual richness of the decorations.


The penultimate day witnesses the start of festive meal preparations, building anticipation for the grand celebration of Thiruvonam.


The most significant day of the festival, Thiruvonam, is marked by prayers, joyful festivities & a lavish feast that holds deep cultural importance.

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