Loved ant chutney recipe? Here are 7 must-try dishes from Odisha

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Jan 10, 2024

Tanka Torani

Tanka Torani is a riced-based drink and is absolutely delicious. It was reportedly first prepared during 10th Century AD.

Image Credit: First Time Cooker

Chungdi Malai

For fish lovers, try this coconut-y prawn dish. Enriched with coconut milk and mild spices, this creamy prawn curry boasts an unforgettable taste.

Macha Ghanta

Macha Ghanta is a tempting fish dish made with potatoes, garlic, onions, and spices.


Dalma was consumed by Lord Jagannath and his disciples. It is a simple yet delicious lentil dish.

Pakhala Bhata

Odiyas love their share of Pakhala Bhata. Soak cooked rice in water and sour curd, and experience this refreshing dish!


Panipuri is known as gupchup in Odisha. It is a tangy street food that will awaken all your senses.

Chhena Poda

Chhena Poda is a sweet delicacy made from sugar, milk and cottage cheese. It is also Ayushmann Khurrana's favourite!

Red Ant Chutney

Another must-try recipe that recently got a GI tag from Odisha is red ant chutney. Locals believe that it is the best cure for cold and fever.