Here are 7 signs your child might be addicted to social media

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Jan 17, 2024

Their hobbies take a backseat

If your child spends all their time doomscrolling Instagram, instead of engaging in hobbies like sports or music, they may be addicted to social media

They crave validation 24/7

A constant need for validation via social media reactions or engagement, might indicate a potential social media addiction.

They experience horrible mood swings

Constant irritability or general erratic behavior might be a withdrawal symptom of social media addiction, and can lead to worse academic performance.

They avoid going outside

If your kid prefers to stay at home all day, instead of going to school, or going out with friends, they may be addicted to social media.

They shirk their responsibilities

If your child avoids household chores, taking care of pets, or academic responsibilities, they may have a serious social media addiction.

Their sleep schedule is all over the place

Disrupted sleep patterns may be a sign of serious social media addiction in both adolescents and adults.

They prefer internet friends to real-life interaction

Interacting with social media friends on apps like Discord can seriously disillusion your child from the complexities of social interactions and norms