6 ways to avoid sickness in the festive season

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Oct 23, 2023

Hand wash

Clean hands are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to wash your hands frequently to avoid any type of infection.

Carry a sanitiser

Always carry sanitiser wherever you go and keep it handy to ensure clean hands and surfaces around you.

Use face mask

Festive season and mask? Not a fun combo. We get it! But it’s necessary to use it wherever possible to avoid catching any bacteria or viruses.

Clean house

Make sure to keep the surroundings of your residence clean and safe to avoid any type of infection.

Enough sleep

A healthy body needs a healthy sleep cycle. So make sure you are getting enough sleep to boost the energy back in the body.

Plenty of water

Make sure to give your body the amount of water it requires and prevent dehydration in the body.

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