6 Things you can do to reduce food wastage

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Jan 31, 2024

Meal planning

By planning and portioning your meals for the week, you will avoid buying unneeded groceries, thereby reducing food wastage.

Proper food storage

The shelf life of your food depends a lot on how you store it. Proper storage will help you extend its effective shelf life, thus reducing wastage.

Check food labels

Be mindful of the expiry or "best before" dates listed on certain packaged food items, as expired food items constitute the bulk of food wastage.

Recycle leftovers

Instead of throwing away leftover food, creatively incorporate it into your next meal.

Make fertilizer

You can compost certain fruit and vegetable peels into homemade fertilizer.

Flavor your water

You can use fruit peels to flavor your water. After usage, you can toss them into a smoothie, for zero net waste.