6 simple tips to check the purity of jaggery at home

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Jan 24, 2024

Color and Texture

Pure jaggery is typically dark brown and possesses a coarse texture. Avoid overly processed or light-colored varieties.


Genuine jaggery has a distinct sweet and earthy aroma. If it has a chemical or off-putting smell, it might be impure.


Authentic jaggery is solid and doesn't easily crumble. If it breaks or crumbles too easily, it may contain additives.

Solubility in Water

Drop a small piece of jaggery in water. Pure jaggery dissolves slowly, while impure varieties may dissolve quickly, leaving residues.


Check for visible impurities or foreign particles. Pure jaggery should be clean without any debris.


Pure jaggery has a rich, sweet taste with hints of molasses. If it tastes excessively sweet or has an unusual flavor, it may be adulterated.