6 Post-meal mistakes that make you gain weight

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Sep 13, 2023

Heavy Gymming and Exercising

Avoid exercising right after eating, give your body time to digest the food before strenuous workouts.


Smoking after a meal is harmful as nicotine in cigarettes absorbs faster when bound to oxygen during digestion.

Drinking Tea

It's worth emphasizing that black tea, in particular, contains tannins that can interfere with both iron absorption and disrupt the digestive system.

Taking Bath

When you take a bath, the blood around your stomach tends to flow to other parts of your body, slowing down the digestion process.


It's natural to feel sleepy after a heavy meal. This can lead to indigestion and potentially contribute to weight gain over time.

Consuming Fruits Immediately

Eating fruits right after a meal can hinder the proper digestion of their fibres. It's better to have fruits at least 30 minutes before your main meal

Relieve constipation