6 parenting tips for those whose kids are fussy eaters

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Aug 21, 2023

Organise Eating Patterns

Create a structured eating routine consisting of three meals, two snacks, and sufficient fluid intake.

Prepare Balanced meals

Focus on a balanced diet rather than making fancy meals. Include whole grains, rice, vegetables and protien.

Be Creative with Toppings

Add a little excitement to their food by being creative with toppings that can engage your child to eat healthy food.

Introduing New Food

Take it slow when introducing new food to children. Kids need some time to adapt before they start liking the food.

Involve Child in Cooking

Make your child a small part of your cooking and let them enjoy the process. This will create an interest in eating.

Treat them with favorite food

Allow them to eat noodles, burgers, pizza and fries once in a while. So, their taste changes and they don't complain about food.

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