From 'appearance' to garbhgriha: Ram Lalla Virajman's journey

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Jan 20, 2024

'Miraculous appearance'

8-9 inch tall idol, BL Sharma of VHP claimed, 'miraculously appeared’ on the night of Dec 22, 1949, under central dome of undemolished Babri mosque


As per police, 50 to 60 persons entered the mosque forcefully at night and established the idol and wrote ‘Shri Ram’ on the wall.

Govt did not remove idol

The same night, Hindus started offering prayers inside the mosque and the government declared the site a 'contested area' and locked the entrance.

Idol left unattended

For 30 yrs idol was left unattended until court ordered removal of the lock on inner gate of the Mosque, allowing Hindus to worship him.


Suit was filed in name of Ram Lalla Virajman in Allahabad High Court. Since the deity is a perpetual minor, he was represented by 'next friend'.

'Placed back' after demolition

When Masjid was demolished on 6 Dec 1992, BL Sharma said that someone rescued 'Ram' from under mosque & put it in his lap. Idol was then placed back.

In a 'tirpal' for 28 years

The idol was then placed in a make-shift structure under a tent where it stayed for 28 years until November 9, 2019, when SC gave site to Hindus.

Make-shift temple

Idol was taken from tirpal and was shifted onto silver throne on 25 Mar, 2020 in temporary temple as the construction of the Ram temple began.

Where will it be placed in new Temple?

Old idol will now be 'chal' (movable) idol which will be used in festivals. Ram Lalla Virajman will now be placed in front of new idol in garbhgriha.