History of Indian evacuations from conflict zones

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Oct 12, 2023

Operation Ajay

India has launched an operation bring back Indians stuck in war-torn Israel. India has launched similar operations in the pasr


Indian Air Force and Air India jointly brought back nearly 1,70,000 citizens from Kuwait in 1990. Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait to start the Gulf War.


India dispatched Naval ships in 2015 to rescue 2,671 people including 964 foreign nationals from 30 countries after a civil war broke out in Yemen.


The Wuhan airlift brought back more than 300 Indians stuck in China’s Wuhan after the deadly COVID-19 breakout. Most were students.


Operation Ganga brought back more than 1,100 people from Ukraine as Russia intensified its assault. Air India joined in to aid the operation.


Indians from Afghanistan were evacuated in 2021 after the Taliban takeover. A total of 669 people were evacuated under Operation Devi Shakti.

Operation Ajay