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Google to pay publishers $1bn for content over three years

Oct 01, 2020 20:50 IST

Google has agreed to start paying select media organisation to publish curated content on its news app. The tech giant said in a statement that it has set aside more than $1 billion to cover the program’s first three years, and will extend the program beyond that. This is a major business shift for Google after years of pressure from media companies and regulators. The company will pay publishers for “high-quality content” and in some cases, also offer free access to paywalled articles. Google also announced that its News Showcase product will initially begin with local and national publications in Germany and Brazil---places where it has faced competition complaints. Media organisations have long been criticising Google and other tech companies over their treatment of news publishers and grip on digital advertising. And more so now, with a steep decline in advertising revenue due to the Covid-19 pandemic.