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Zomato employees take salary cuts amid Covid-19 lockdown

Mar 26, 2020 15:05 IST

With the coronavirus outbreak impacting food delivery and restaurant businesses in India, Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal announced that hundreds of employees in his company have taken a deep voluntary salary cuts to help the food delivery giant maintain a steady cash flow. In a series of tweets, Goyal said, Zomato is donating towards a delivery partner fund, as well as 'Feed the Daily Wager' campaign to support the community in these tough times. Goyal also announced several measures to help its customers and its partners. All paid Zomato Gold memberships across India, the UAE, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Lebanon, Turkey, New Zealand, Portugal and Qatar will get a two month membership extension at zero cost. For its Gold partners, Zomato will facilitate working capital loans to get through the lockdown.


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