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Wrongful arrest & torture by cops: what can you do?

Jun 30, 2020 15:17 IST

The Tuticorin custodial death of P Jeyaraj and J Bennix for keeping their store open during the lockdown has sent shockwaves across India. What is the police procedure in cases like this? What are our rights as citizens and what can we hold the Police accountable for if we get into situations like these? Sudha Ramalingam, Advocate and Human Rights Activist, says that the police will not listen to you. If you are being arrested, call a friend, neighbour, advocate or NGO. Get local assistance from people around. If the police understand there are people around, the police will not treat you as a nameless, faceless persona. Never go to the police station alone, always have company and inform others. There will be a record of the police taking away. Be vocal when you are presented in front of the magistrate, get the chain of events from your arrest on record. Watch BOOM's Govindraj Ethiraj interview Sudha Ramalingam on how to secure your rights in case you are dealing with the police.