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World Water Day 2021: The real cost of water

Mar 21, 2021 20:05 IST

There are things we use every day - some that we can't live without, and some that we can learn to live without. But no matter what we do, our existence depends on the most important molecules present on Earth: H2O. Here's a look at a few things we use and throw away everyday, and the surprising amount of water that goes into making them.

1. Most Indians can't live without their morning cup of tea, while some need their hot cup of coffee. While you may use only 200 ml of water in your cup of cup, the production of 1 cup worth of tea requires close to 34 litres of water, and a cup worth of coffee needs a whopping 132 litres to produce.

2. Your favourite pair of jeans may go out of style soon, but did you know the production of 1 pair of jeans needs 7,000 to 10,000 litres of water? That's approximately 3 years worth of drinking water, and this excludes the water needed to wash it!

3. The delicious meat dishes we like to indulge in show another grave scenario. To produce 1 kg of mea

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