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Ashes: perfect redemption for Steve Smith

Sep 16, 2019 14:42 IST

Despite scoring 774 runs in 4 Tests with a Bradmanisque average of 110, Steve Smith is still not satisfied. He said, "It would've been nice if I had a few more runs under my belt in this game as I walked off, but it was nice reception. You know I've given it my all since I've been here the last four and a half months and every test match that we've played and I didn't have much left to give today. Smith was the torchbearer for Australia as they retained the Ashes after drawing the series 2-2. This is barely months are marking his return to international cricket after being suspended for ball-tampering. English skipper Joe Root said, "He's been a pain really for me, yeah. He's played extremely well. He's obviously the number one batter in the world for a reason. In difficult conditions, he stood up and done something very special and has been the difference really". As much as Australia gained from the success of Smith, they were let down by the poor form of their star opener David Warner. The southpaw scored just 95 runs in 5 Test matches and averaged less than 10. Despite plenty of hiccups and losing the 5th Test, the Kangaroos crossed the finish line to retain the Ashes and became the first team from Downunder to win the Urn in England in 18 years.