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With Khandeshi Silk out, Salvi's inspiring saree run

Nov 22, 2020 21:41 IST

Kranti Salvi is a 52 year old entrepreneur who embarked her running journey in 2012 with running a marathon of 42.2km, the same year as Pinkathon was introduced. ‘Pinkathon’ in its ninth edition this year plans to have a 21-km run remotely across the country, to create awareness about breast cancer, and inspire women to to lead an active life. 15 women from Mumbai, inspired by Salvi, will hit the roads in saris and sneakers. However, Salvi will be joining the marathon and has decided to participate picking out yet another Khandeshi Silk. In 2018, Salvi ran the marathon in Berlin wearing a sari, setting a Guinness record for being the fastest to complete a marathon in the nine yards.