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Samsung Galaxy A31 Review: design & build

Jun 25, 2020 16:56 IST

A 6.4- inch display also means that the A31 is a big phone, but the weight is well distributed and Samsung has even managed to find space for a headphone jack here. Additionally, the in-display fingerprint sensor is very reliable when it comes to unlocking the device. I didn't even once experience a false reading while using it. 

The top part of the display features a U-shaped notch that houses the front camera, and while you do get used to it being there, I feel a punch-hole design would have helped in lending more screen real estate. Meanwhile, the polycarbonate backside picks up the same prism-cut design that we've seen on the Galaxy A30s and the more recent Galaxy A51. As a result, the phone gets a stylish rainbow-like sheen when light reflects off it at different angles. Be warned though, the rear is very glossy and attracts a lot of fingerprint smudges, so you might want to consider using this handset with the provided TPU cover.