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Will I get a job post-Covid-19?

Apr 30, 2020 14:51 IST

Jobs are continuing to be lost across industries where human contact is involved and industries where human contact isn't involved due to demand shock which is in turn fueling a supply shock. What are job prospects looking like for the youth of India? Can we really get back to work?

Manish Sabharwal, Chairman, TeamLease Services and a member of the Board of RBI, says there is universal pain in the job markets. For someone graduating in this year, there couldn't have been a worse time or job market. Job markets will come back strongly 12 months after lockdowns are eased completely, but the outcomes will be different based on which sector we are looking at, which industry, which city and which company.

Watch Govindraj Ethiraj interview Manish Sabharwal on the possible future of the organized jobs sector of India and how formalization of enterprises should pave the way going forward.