Will Saurav Ganguly pad up for BJP on Bengal poll pitch? All eyes on PM's rally | Editorji
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Centre accepts Didi’s request, sends 5 Army columns to Kolkata

May 23, 2020 20:21 IST

The Centre has cleared a request by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to depute army in her state to help with the relief after cyclone Amphan left a trail of death and destruction. The National Disaster Response Force had earlier said they were putting together 10 more teams to help the state. The state already has 26 NDRF teams in the cyclone affected areas of Bengal. Cyclone Amphan, the most severe storm in the Bay of Bengal since the super cyclone of 1999, made landfall around 20km east of Sagar Island in the Sunderbans on Wednesday afternoon, cutting off road links, snapping telecommunications and power lines. It killed about 85 people in West Bengal including about 15 in state capital Kolkata.