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Why is Delhi witnessing a surge in Covid-19 cases?

Aug 30, 2020 18:52 IST

After a remarkable turnaround in the coronavirus situation since the last week of June it had appeared that the epidemic had attained its peak and the downhill journey had started. For almost over 45 days, the daily cases in Delhi had continued to decline consistently, and fallen below 1,000. The growth rate too had dropped to well below one per cent, and more patients were recovering every day than were reporting sick. On Sunday the Indian Express wrote but in the last ten days, Delhi is witnessing a turnaround again and the trend has continued long enough to be dismissed as an aberration. On Saturday, nearly 2,000 cases were recorded in the national capital, a level that has not been seen since July 10. The growth rate has begun to rise and reached almost one per cent a day. The newspaper wrote that there have been some suggestions that the start of the return of migrant working populations from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh might be behind the recent spike. With Metro starting after a week, and gatherings of 100 being allowed, the infections are expected to surge further.