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WHO declares Africa free of wild poliovirus

Aug 26, 2020 08:17 IST

The World Health Organisation on Tuesday declared the African continent free of the wild poliovirus. The feat come after decades of vaccination efforts, though cases of vaccine-derived polio are still sparking outbreaks in more than a dozen countries. The declaration leaves Pakistan and neighbouring Afghanistan as the only countries thought to still have the wild poliovirus. The announcement by the African Regional Certification Commission for Polio Eradication comes after no cases were reported for four years. Polio once paralysed some 75,000 children a year across Africa. "Today is a day of celebration and day of hope. Today, we come together to rejoice over an historic public health success, the certification of wild poliovirus eradication in the African region,"WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on the occasion.