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When innovation took a quantum leap!

Dec 30, 2018 17:55 IST

From a plane with no moving parts, to wood as strong as titanium, there was no end to innovation this year. Technology took a quantum leap in 2018, quite literally. # 1 Plane with no moving parts Developed by researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a plane with no moving parts -- no turbines, propellers or even fans -- took flight in November. The prototype was powered by 'ionic wind' --the flow of ions produced by the plane that creates enough thrust to push it through air. # 2 Wood stronger than titanium Researchers at the University of Maryland found a way to make wood more than 10 times times stronger and tougher, creating a natural substance that is stronger than many titanium alloys. #3 A font to help you remember Technology also found its way into the written word. A new font called Sans Forgetica can help you remember what you read. The font has individual letters with omitted segments, forcing you to pay more attention. #4 Spot heart disease by looking at e