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What will be allowed during night curfew in Delhi

Apr 07, 2021 23:20 IST | By Editorji News Desk

As night curfew from 10pm to 5am comes into effect in Delhi from Tuesday night, here's what will be allowed during those 7 hours. 

No restrictions will be imposed on persons who are going in for Covid-19 vaccination.

Essential services which include emergency medical and healthcare-related facilities, pharmaceutical companies and medical insurance offices shall remain open.

According to a Delhi government order, public transport shall ply within its stipulated time and only allow movement of essential services during curfew.

Commuters arriving at the airports, railway stations, and inter-state bus terminals will be allowed to travel, given they produce valid tickets.

During the night curfew, groceries, dairies, shops selling fruits and vegetables, bakeries, and confectionaries shall also remain open. However, Covid-19 SOP at the premises is a must.

Emergency services personnel, such as medical workers, police, fire services personnel, electricity, water and sanitation workers will be allowed, given they produce identification cards.

Banks, insurance offices, ATMs, media, internet, broadcasting and cable-related services shall be allowed but will be required to produce an 'e-pass' to facilitate movement. The 'e-pass' can be produced as either a hard or a soft copy and can be obtained by applying on the Delhi government's official website.