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Binge worthy TV: Different strokes for different folks

Mar 23, 2020 12:27 IST

Make the best of your time in isolation with our list of binge-worthy shows


If you love thrillers, then 'Homeland' is made for you. The series is running it's eight & final season with all seasons available on Hotstar.

The Family Man

An Indian thriller available on Amazon Prime Video will take you through Manoj Bajpayee AKA Srikanth Tiwari life. The story revolves around him, India’s top spy stopping terror attacks and his mundane family life.

Big Bang Theory

Now's your chance to unleash that inner geek in you. All 12 seasons of this comedy packed with physics and chemistry are available on Netflix.

Made in Heaven

Zoya Akhtar's series follows the lives of two high-end wedding planners whose own lives are falling apart. Season one is available on Amazon Prime. 

And finally, if it's a bit of history you're looking for then Chernobyl, based on the real-life nuclear disaster in Soviet Russia in 1989 is worth a watch. 'Chernobyl' is available on Hotstar.