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What should you eat after a workout?

Feb 25, 2021 14:57 IST

A great workout not only takes you closer to your fitness goal but also helps you feel mentally and physically stronger. But you must remember, that a good workout doesn't end at the gym. What you eat after a workout is as important as what you eat before it. The right kind of food will help your body recover faster, build muscle and prepare your for the next workout.

When you work out, muscles use up glycogen energy stores, even muscle proteins may get damaged, therefore a combination of vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates is needed by the body.

Lets begin with hydration. If you want your body set for the next day's performance, you need to ensure you're well hydrated. Experts suggest keeping an eye on the colour of your urine to determine the level of hydration. Drinking water as per the intensity of your workout is important, because you have to replenish what you lose in the form of sweat.

Here's what your meal should include post an intensive workout. You have to choose foods which are easy to digest, to amplify absorption of nutrients.

#1 Protein
Exercise often leads to the breakdown of muscle proteins, so it is extremely important to consume a good amount of protein. This helps your body get the amino acids required to repair and rebuild these lost proteins. Your meal can comprise of eggs, chicken, quinoa, cottage cheese or greek yoghurt.

# Carbohydrates
Including carbs in your post workout meal will help restore the lost glycogen stores which your body uses up as fuel. You can include sweet potatoes, wholegrain pasta, rice or oats.

# Good Fats
While you may have set a goal to burn fat, eating fats after your workout is also important. The key lies in not over-eating. You can include a mixture of seeds, walnuts, nut butters or fatty fish.

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