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Big B writes about how Covid-19 affects patient's mental health

Jul 26, 2020 18:08 IST

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan who is currently admitted to Mumbai's Nanavati Hospital after he was tested Covid-19 positive, in his latest blog has now opened up on how he spends his day in the isolation ward.

Highlighting his own state, Amitabh wrote 'he sings to keep himself entertained in the loneliness'.

Shedding light on the grim situation of patients in hospital’s isolation wards, Big B said that the mental condition brought upon by the disease takes a toll on the patient as one is kept away from human contact for weeks.

Big B also shared the fears and apprehensions of those recovered from the virus, facing what professionals call, 'a pariah syndrome' and said that it could drive them into a 'deeper depression'.