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What does the future work culture look like? | BOOM

Oct 08, 2020 19:45 IST

What's the future of work going to look like? It is going to be almost a year since the coronavirus outbreak began and we are still not near finding a vaccine. What happens to companies who had or had not planned for such drastic changes in work places? What about people who had different work-life plans? BOOM Explains. Ben Hammersley, Futurist and Consultant, says that in the last 6-8 years, every prediction that we made about work, discussed a great deal - everything has gotten accelerated and put into place in about 3 weeks. Many people have struggled with these rapid changes. But, companies that moved quickly to find the best way to move forward through the pandemic are profiting and companies who decided to wait for things to go back to the old normal are now deep in debt or currently losing a lot of money and unfortunately, will be soon gone. He also says that the pandemic just broken the momentum of our world, stopped people and made them reassess what they were doing which was probably unnecessary or unhealthy. Watch BOOM's Govindraj Ethiraj interview Ben Hammersley on the future of work, workplaces, work culture and ultimately, the future of work from home system.