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Lockdown blues? These foods are known to uplift your mood

Aug 16, 2020 11:27 IST

The lockdown has left many of us feeling low but there seems to be one constant saviour of our spirits and that’s food! Much is known about the mood-boosting effects of chocolates and other high-calorie products that are up lifters. But here’s a list of healthier alternatives that you can enjoy guilt-free, to pump up your spirits. Keeping your blood sugar level in check and your mood stable, bananas are rich in natural sugar, prebiotic fibre and Vitamin B6, all of which work together to improve brain functioning. Turn to foods that have a good content of omega-3 fatty acids like fish and plant foods including cauliflower, broccoli and nuts and seeds. Red kidney beans are also a good idea. According to researchers, eating breakfast regularly helps improve your mood. Ensure you eat a balanced meal at the start of the day, packed with nutrients, fibre and good fats to keep you pumped through the day Healthy food doesn’t mean you cannot eat your favourite pasta or tortilla wraps. Whole wheat wraps and pastas are high in selenium, which is one mineral that the brain really counts on. Other selenium rich foods include chicken, brown rice and whole wheat breads.


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