Two days “All India Bank Strike” observed by United Forum of Bank Unions in Guwahati | Editorji
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'No quarantine, test every 4th day': Tokyo 2020's Covid rulebook

Feb 10, 2021 11:24 IST

The organizers of the postponed Tokyo 2020 released a new rulebook for the Olympic bound athletes to combat Covid-19 during the event. As per the guidelines, while the athletes will not have to undergo strict quarantines, they will have to take a Covid test every 4th day and if tested positive, the athlete will be barred from competing in the event. Athletes will be allowed to attend training camps before the Summer games begin, however, their movement will be rigorously logged, and they can use public transport only after taking permission. The rule book further recommends vaccination for the athletes but that will not be a requirement for participation. Apart from maintaining social distancing and wearing masks at all times, those arriving in Japan for the event require a negative test before travelling to the country and upon arrival.