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This retro floral trend is a throwback to the ‘70s!

Apr 15, 2021 18:08 IST | By Vishakha Somani

Today we're talking about a pattern that’s always on-trend in one way or another - floral prints. There is nothing groundbreaking about wearing florals in summer but if you want to wear your favourite print and still be on-trend, here’s a flowery update for you! 

A vintage-style floral pattern from the 1970s is all the rage this summer. From trendy Bollywood actors to international popstars, this retro floral print has gotten a thumbs up from everyone. 

To spot the print, just remember that it looks like something that you might find on a wallpaper in an old house or as an eccentric sofa print from movies of the olden days. 

If you plan to give this fashion trend a try, stick to all-over prints to make a statement and keep your accessories minimal and your makeup bright! This trend is not for the minimalists so don't be afraid to take things up a notch for this flowery bonanza. And the best part? As a trend, we absolutely love this one as it works for genders across the colourful spectrum. 


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