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The tadka in your dal has more benefits than just adding flavour!

Aug 26, 2020 07:27 IST

What's a good Indian dal without some fiery tadka? But did you know that apart from the flavour that tadka or tempering adds to a dish, it offers innumerable health benefits for the body? These come from the diverse ingredients in the tadka and are enhanced by the process of briefly heating them in ghee or oil, which releases their essential oils. Some of the popularly used ingredients in the tadka include cumin, curry leaves, mustard seeds, garlic, onion and fresh chillis. Tempering them in oil briefly ensures that these ingredients retain their nutritious value as opposed to when they are cooked on high temperature for longer. Garlic has great anti-bacterial benefits, it wards off infection from the body. Coriander leaves when used as part of the tadka, could help improve the digestive system and reduce risks of Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. Cumin seeds, which are in fact the main ingredient in any tadka, may keep acidity at bay. Mustard seeds or sarson are extremely rich in antioxidants and if you're having a hard time dealing with muscle pain, you know what your tadka must include! But the tadka is not just for your dals, you could also use it over rice, other curries, and to even enhance the flavour of khichdi!