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The stress-busting benefits of tulsi

Sep 17, 2020 08:05 IST

From detoxification to aiding digestion, holy basil or tulsi has incredible benefits for the body. A staple in many culinary preparations, no Indian kitchen is complete without a tulsi plant.

But there is a lesser known benefit of basil that makes it even more integral for our modern life.

According to several Ayurvedic practitioners, the daily consumption of tulsi tea is comparable to a regular practice of yoga. Basil leaves stimulate neurotransmitters in the body, which regulate hormones and thus may help fight depression and anxiety. The powerful adaptogen is an excellent stress buster, be it physical, emotional or chemical stress.

The holy herb, it is believed, helps detoxify the body and promote gut health. This is why the plant has been used in traditional medicine for times immemorial.

All in all, whether its joint pains, anxiety or tummy trouble, this power-packed herb could be your go-to!