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The “Flying Taxis” are almost here

Oct 01, 2020 16:30 IST

The unmanned flying concept refers to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which are the aircraft that can fly without having pilots onboard. Cities like Los Angeles, Dubai, Dallas-Fort Worth want to be the first ones to welcome a passenger drone taxi. The concept is gaining moment as unmanned air taxis are being prepared by many global manufacturers. EmbraerX, unveiled its first eVTOL aircraft concept during Uber Elevate 2018, in Los Angeles, California. The German company Volocopter already has its passenger drone, VoloCity, licensed for flight and hopes for a Dubai commercial flight soon. Bell's eVTOL vehicle, Nexus, is said to be under progress at the company’s headquarters in Texas and the flight testing is expected to begin in 2023. Lilium, is developing the most unique on-demand air taxi service controlled remotely from the ground and powered by 36 all electric engines. With these and many more unmanned vehicles ready to take the skies, it is certain that the change in air commute is very near.