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Samsung Galaxy A31 Review: device performance & software

Jun 25, 2020 17:02 IST

Powering the Galaxy A31s, for some strange reason is the MediaTek Helio P65 chip, instead of Samsung's homegrown Exynos Soc. I say strange because pretty much every Galaxy A series or even M series phone that I've reviewed came equipped with an Exynos CPU. So. I'm not sure why the company has decided to opt for a Mediatek one on the A31. But despite that, the phone is more than capable of carrying day to day out tasks without breaking a sweat. 

It isn’t quite as zippy as other mid-range offerings that the competition has to offer, but the 6GB of RAM offers good multitasking and packs enough grunt for gaming, as long as you don't push the game to its highest graphic setting. The single speaker also enhances gameplay and gets fairly loud when it needs to. The 128 GB of onboard storage should be plenty for most people, but this is expandable to up to 512GB if more space is required. 

Ticking things along is the brilliant 5,000 battery that on an average lasted me around one and a half days with heavy usage. However, the 15W fast charging isn’t really fast and takes roughly 2 hours to top up the phone from dead via the USB C port. Although this really isn't an issue because you won't need to charge this mammoth battery too often. 

 In terms of software, the Galaxy A31 runs on  Android 10 along with Samsung's One UI V2.1, which helps in lending the phone a clean look while operating. On top of this, there's also support for Samsung Pay, which is basically the equivalent of carrying around a debit or credit card. More importantly, though,  unlike Xiaomi and Realme phones, there's not a whole lot of bloatware available here.