Sushant Singh Rajput's father makes 16 allegations against Rhea | Editorji
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SSR's father files FIR against Rhea, cops say her name was not taken?

Jul 29, 2020 10:52 IST

Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput's father has filed an FIR against rumored girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty and the FIR copy has gone viral. According to news reports, the FIR claims, Sushant's father has accused Rhea of taking control of his son's finances, transferring ₹15 crores from his bank account to her accounts, using his credit cards, and not letting him inform his family about his depression and threatening to make his mental illness public. Sushant's father KK Singh has also alleged that Rhea gave an overdose of medicines to Sushant at the pretext of treatment & did not allow him to quit acting to start organic farming in Kerala among other accusations. However, neither Rhea nor her counsel have reacted to any of the claims. Meanwhile, a report in DNA reveals, a source close to Mumbai Police claims that Rhea's name was not taken by Sushant's family while recording their initial statements. The report also adds the Mumbai Police is still investigating the three companies where Sushant Singh Rajput invested money, in some of which Rhea and her brother are directors.