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Vivo S1, V15 Pro get massive discount

Dec 02, 2019 14:02 IST

Chinese smartphone maker Vivo is offering discounts on almost all of its smartphones. The Vivo V15 Pro gets the maximum 39 per cent price cut, and it’s available at ₹19,990 for 6GB RAM variant on Flipkart and Vivo’s online store. Vivo S1 with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage gets a flat ₹5,000 discount, and it’s available at the same price as the 64GB storage variant. The Vivo Y15 and V9 Pro are priced at ₹11,990, whereas the 6GB RAM variant of the Vivo Z1 Pro gets a 23 per cent discount and it’s available at ₹15,990 for the 6GB variant.

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