Slip up in Rajnath's speech after 2+2 meet leaves India red-faced | Editorji
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Slip up in Rajnath's speech at 2+2 meet leaves Centre red-faced?

Oct 31, 2020 18:38 IST

A slip up concerning Defence Minister's speech at the beginning of the India-US 2+2 meeting earlier this week has caused much diplomatic embarrassment to India, the Indian Express reported. 

The newspaper reported that changes were made to the Defence Minister's statement but the interpreter was not informed about it and as a result the statement made by Rajnath Singh was slightly different from the one read out by the interpreter.

While the Defence Minister read out in Hindi that 'Due to the challenges that we are facing today, our partnership has become even more important and it determines our future,” the interpreter read out the earlier version which said- 'in the area of defense we are challenged by reckless aggression on our northern borders'

The Indian Express report also states that the Indian side pointed out the mistake to the US side later following which the US Dept of State made the changes on their website but the US Dept of Defence still has the version read out by the Indian interpreter. 

The newspaper wrote that what added to the embarrassment was that the changes in the statement meant that the no mention of China was made by the Indian side.