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Shyam Rasoi in Delhi serves a full thali at ₹1

Oct 12, 2020 14:21 IST

On a regular day at the Shyam Rasoi in Delhi's Nangloi, almost 1,000 to 1,100 people from all walks of life queue up to have lunch at just ₹1. 51-year-old Parvin Kumar Goyal who has been running the facility for the past two months told ANI that they even provide a parcel to nearby areas via e-rickshaws, feeding a total of 2,000 Delhiites per day. They rely on donations in cash and kind and seek help from college students and locals to volunteer. While the menu changes everyday, they offer rice, paneer, soybean, halwa among other things. Apart from lunch, they also serve morning tea at the same price.