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The many wonders of sesame seeds you can't ignore!

Dec 02, 2020 07:19 IST

You see them over burger buns, on the sides of your bread loaf, in stir-fried vegetables and sprinkled over yummy Indian sweets. But did you know, these tiny sesame seeds also come with a host of benefits?

Known as til in Hindi, sesame seeds are excellent sources of plant-based protein and contain a good amount of fibre, aiding digestive health. Always opt for roasted, hulled sesame seeds to get the maximum benefit. They're powerhouses of proteins and healthy fats that may keep blood sugar levels under control.

Til also contains magnesium which may help lower blood pressure. That's another reason to load up.

They also enhance bone health because of the calcium content in its hull. Sesame seeds are even considered to be a thyroid-friendly option since they contain selenium, which plays a crucial role in producing thyroid hormones.

Have them with steamed broccoli, make granola bars with sesame, add it to your salad or hummus and enjoy!


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